Hans W. Jörg AG to HWJ AG

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01.01.2011 – HWJ AG

To secure the continuity of the company and benefit from the many years of experience of the employees, at the start of 2011 managing partner Andrea Ierone, together with key employees, acquired the company founded as Hans W. Jörg AG in 1978.

Acquisition secures continuity
The name change from "Hans W. Jörg AG" to "HWJ AG" will highlight the transformation for the outside world.
HWJ AG is focussed on solid growth in its core business. Andrea Ierone's objective is to continue to expand internationally: “Engineering and quality from Switzerland is in demand worldwide. Besides Western Europe, we also see enormous potential in Eastern Europe, the USA, Australia, India and South Korea.”

Proven solutions are retained
All 15 employees from the “Special engineering” and “Assembly automation” divisions were able to be retained. Andrea Ierone sees great benefits for their customers: “Retaining the proven team allows us to secure the decades of experience of our engineers and technicians. For our customers this means that all the benefits, such as our practical know-how and quality awareness, remain in place.”

With top infrastructure, established technical know-how and an experienced team, HWJ AG is well positioned for the future.

HWJ AG remains the preferred contact partner for the realisation of customised complete solutions for the sheet metal processing industry and assembly automation