Multiple decoilingcenter as supply of metal sheets for two parallel punching and shearing machinerys

20.06.2013 17:02:01 | HWJ AG, Ivan Jörg | 0 Comments
20.06.2013 – Mechanical engineering

In June 2013 HWJ AG has successfully installed and put into operation a Multiple Decoilingcenter with 4 coil magazines for a customer in Turkey.

Features characterizing the system:

  • 4 different materials up to 1.5 mm thickness and a maximum coil weight of 6 tons.
  • Automatic coil material change in less than 50 seconds.
  • Waste free cutted metal sheets from coil instead of standard sheets for a flexible one-piece work and for productive series manufacturing.
  • Independent order input: Start/Stop and material management with centralized operation via control of the punching and shearing machinery.
  • Fully automatic lowerable aligning roller block.

The Multiple Decoilingcenter is a fully automatic supply of metal sheets in two parallel fully automatic punching and shearing machinerys from Prima Power.